Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tyee numbers

Some fairly good looking Daily steelhead numbers registered at Tyee lately.
July 20: 4.57
July 21: 3.35
July 22: 3.90
July 23: 4.90
These Daily numbers are well above the decade average and the total to date of 32.11 is also well over the decade average of 12.75

This would put 2010 as the 6th best year on record for this given time. The others are:
1966 @ 55.98
1982@ 49.37
1984 @ 72.52
1985@ 34.63
1998@ 65.12

But, you never know the real story with Tyee due to so much uncertainty related to the process. Are these good catch numbers the result of strong tides and good returns? Or is the low water effecting steelhead behaviour again? Weve seen in past low water years where the fish end up getting caught on both sides of the gillnet at Tyee as they mill around??

And as usual, the real drag is these Index statistical numbers translate into real dead steelhead caught in a gillnet just so we can count sockeye....

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