Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interesting management scenario

So the skeena sockeye forecast for 2010 has progressed as follows:

pre-season = 633,000
early in-season= 684,000 to 713,000
July 8th= 1.6M
July 9th= 1.5M
July 13th= 1.2M (barely above the 1,050,000 threshold for comm. fisheries)

The higher Tyee Test Fishery sockeye numbers on July 8/9th enabled the north coast manager to allow a gillnet fishery scheduled for the 12th.

But, now look and see the July 13th estimate dropping sharply, but the opening has already occured.

It will be interesting if the sockeye numbers keep dropping....Then the sockeye caught in the opening yesterday should have been used for escapement purposes.....or for food fish for an upriver First Nation, rather than commercial opportunity.

But dont worry, since there is zero accountability at DFO the manager wont be held responsible for jumping the gun and allowing a commercial gillnet fishery. And the extra steelhead bycatch is of no concern to the Dept....

"The more things change, the more they stay the same...."

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