Monday, December 06, 2010

Old Pipelines still in northwest rivers

Here is an issue that comes up periodically up our way: the remains of old Pacific Northen Gas pipelines stuck in our rivers. The last image below of the Copper river was sent to us just recently by Pierce Clegg. The first three are of the Kitimat river from Terrace guide Gill McKean.

The last image shows PNG gas pipeline in the lower Copper river. Presumably these are the remnants from the damage that occurred several years ago due to a large landslide. However, how the pipe got there really isnt the issue. The issue is why is it still there? Where are our habitat protection regulations and enforcement bodies? This is major river pollution that has been allowed to remain on-site for years now.
And the lower Copper is only one of several sites with pipe lying around like this.

Here's a response from PNG to a recent inquiry on this subject:

Thanks for bringing your concerns to Pacific Northern Gas on this issue, in the past Pacific Northern Gas and the DFO have been working on these issues as they arise each and every year and will continue to do so in the future. As you being a fishing guide or a member of the Northern BC Steelhead Guides Association you may understand what is required in the removal of pipe sections in any stream, rivers or watershed systems in our area. There is a large amount of paperwork required as well with DFO approvals in any removals within a stream bearing fish habitat, reds etc as well as the associated cost in completing these removals in a safe reliable manner. We will be contacting our Environmental team with regards to this issue and hopefully can resolve this concern ASAP. Once Pacific Northern Gas and the DFO reach the necessary agreements and approvals we would be glad to keep you informed on this process of removal once reached.

Again Thank you for bringing this forward to Pacific Northern Gas.

Yours truly,

Manager Construction Maintenance
Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.

PNG almost make it sound like its the public's inquiries that are 'the issue' to be dealt with...not the actually cleaning up of their mess. Time to get DFO to enforce the regulations and order PNG to start the remediation process. These pipes have remained in our rivers for far too long already....Time to clean it up.

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