Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pipeline follow up

A while back we posted about old natural gas pipelines still in various northwest rivers. (Still no action or replies back from DFO managers on what they plan to do about it, by the way.)
But,  this article DFO Fishery Officer cuts by Mark Hume sheds some light on the subject of habitat protection by DFO:
"....Reported violations of laws protecting fish habitat fell dramatically on the West Coast – by 1,000 per cent one year – after the government cut fisheries officers, reduced patrols, and adopted a new policy that favoured voluntary compliance by industry, over enforcement..."

This article just reinforces what we see on the ground up here. No action taken by DFO on an obvious longstanding habitat protection issue...and we heard industry's response of preferring to leave the pipe where it is, so we can assume no further action will be taken on this.

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