Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Very Early Tyee Numbers

Here's some very early Tyee Test Fishery numbers:
After plugging along at half the decade average a huge push went by on the 27th with a Daily Index of 19 lifting the Total To Date up to 65.32. Run is still lagging a bit as the Decade Average for this date is 102.86.

Up to 50.43 for the 27th still way below the Decade Average of  121.50. Should be tough for DFO to allow the second gillnetter opening on Skeena with these numbers.

Still very, very early to reach any conclusions. Index at .62 while the Decade Average for this date is .11

Too early for pink,chum, and coho.

Overall, remember the northwest seems slightly behind in all things, with a very cool spring delaying the runoff a bit. Plus, higher than normal snowpacks have kept the freshet going strong.

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