Friday, July 15, 2011

A gilnetter's perspective from the Nass

By the time you get counts needed upriver there will be nothing for gillnetters so reopening is useless fishermen will not meet expenses which calls for compensation fr gov'ts

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The quote above was sent as a reply to one of the Nisga'a Fisheries Updates email list the other day. We thought we would show it as it presents an interesting look at a gillnetter's mindset.
Note, that this message comes after 6 gillnet openings in Area 3 Nass already....and this guy is complaining because the area is shut down while depressed Kwinageese sockeye pass through the area.

While that lack of basic fisheries management knowledge is bad, he then gets into demanding compensation for not being allowed to keep fishing. Amazing sense of entitlement these commercial fishermen have....All's they do is purchase an annual license for $650 bucks that allows them to set a net when and where the Department of Fisheries says so....The license does not come with a guarantee of any actual fishing or fish in any way shape or form....

Makes you really wonder if gillnetters think of themselves as independant business people or some sort of welfare oriented socialized government make work program? Let's remind this guy no one is forcing you to buy that license...if fishing isnt viable for you in today's fisheries management environment then move on to some other business. Fishing is a business that has been on a downward track for years with numerous publicly funded bailouts, buyouts, and Commissions, Inquiries trying to delay the inevitable ultimate restructuring and taxpayers are tired of hearing about and paying for commercial fishermen's woes.

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