Thursday, July 07, 2011

North Coast Salmon Update #3 to July 6th

DFO North Coast Salmon Updates

The link above leads to the North Coast Salmon Update page on the DFO website.
Some highlights include:
Skeena Sockeye: The escapement past Tyee to July 4 is 85,433. Approximately 7% of the return.
Initial forecast in IFMP was 1.7M then down to 1.5M and as of July 4th is down to 1.4M (with a range from 600,000 to 3.2M)
Note: Require 1,050,000 for escapement and FSC. No commercial fishery until these numbers met.
Tyee Sockeye Index at 129.54 compared to 2000's Average of 216.15

Skeena Steelhead: Still quite early. Tyee Index at 1.19 compared to the 2000's Average of .58

Nass Sockeye/Commercial Fishing:
5 Gillnet openings so far have caught;
-Sockeye: 27,495
-Chum:  1931 'released'
-Pink: 20
-Chinook: 640 with 148 released (note: chinook only on 'voluntary release')
-Steelhead: 71 'released'
There is another gillnet opening today (July 7th)

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