Saturday, August 27, 2011

Large Tyee Steelhead Index Daily figure August 25th: 12.46

The 12.46 Tyee Steelhead Index daily figure for August 25th really stands out. This is only 8th instance of double digit Daily Index for steelhead we can find. The other double digit Daily numbers occurred;
- August 16th, 2002, 11.72
-July 27 to July 30,1998  4 days in a row in double figures
-August 12th, 1988  11.07
-July 27, 1986, 10.08

So, just a handful of occurrences in over 50 years and none higher than this August 25th of 12.46. We'll keep checking to see if this really is the highest single day tally for steelhead at Tyee....Or it could be an transcription error from the boat operator to DFO....

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