Monday, August 01, 2011

Tyee Sockeye numbers build again

It seems a bit late for a pulse of sockeye but again the Tyee sockeye index has risen the last few days:
July 29-70.76

You know this means the pressure will be on DFO Fishery Managers to open up Area 4 Skeena again to the commercial fishermen. Does DFO roll the dice?  The overall Sockeye Index at 1508, equating to 995,280 sockeye some 54,720 short of the escapement/FSC requirement of 1,050,000. (Edit Aug.3: Well, of course DFO opened up for the gillnetters again...but at least made them use the short set/short net technique....How many more openings can we see....depends on sockeye numbers)

Given the way DFO has operated this year you would have to presume they will green light another opening for the gillnetters.
And since DFO North Coast doesnt think there is a steelhead conservation concern this year you can bet no selective measures will be implemented on the gillnetters...eventhough we will be into August.

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