Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catch results for Area 3 + 4 openings

Here's the catch results from the latest gillnetter openings in Areas 3 + 4
Area 3 Nass
July 14
Boats: 199
Sockeye: 7,761
Pink: 3,207

July 15
Boats: 8
Sockeye: 584
Chum: 240
For Area 3 remember: "Fishers are requested to release all live Chinook and chum to the water with the least possible harm."
But we know gillnetters cant release all their catch....actually far from it..just look at July 14th's by-catch of over 4000 chum. In 5 openings so far in Area 3 in 2008, they have already taken close to the same number of chum bycatch recorded in 12 openings in 2007 (12,000 approx)
Plus there was a seine opening also on the 14th and while seines can release fish there is still a significant mortality rate if not done properly. The seine catch figures are not posted yet.
It would appear chum salmon are taking a beating this season.

Area 4: Skeena
July 15:
Boats 282
Sockeye: 27,879
Pink: 643
Obviously the big catch reflects the push of sockeye we saw on the Index. In talking with one fisher he mentioned releasing two steelhead. If you even simply multiply that number by the 282 boats fishing you get 564 a minimum..probably impacted in this one opening. Hopefully other fishers carefully released the steelhead bycatch also...but it's pretty doubtful.

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