Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tyee Test Fishery up to July 07, 2008

Early numbers at Tyee are looking alright. The Index is at 2.37 as of July 07.

This is the 2nd best since 2000 for this early time period.

Would it be cynical to say it is interesting there has been no commercial fishing in Area 4 yet...might that have something to do with better steelhead numbers..??

The only opening so far has been the chinook opening. This is a 'targetted' opening using large mesh size nets that supposedly only catch the larger chinook. Wonder how it differentiates between a large chinook and a large steelhead?

If you are having difficulty finding the Tyee steelhead index, you have to use the tabs at the bottom of the DFO website page and select 'steelhead'

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