Tuesday, August 12, 2008

google gadget and Tyee numbers

Apologies again folks for our gadget somehow not updating....were working on it.
The latest figures from Tyee are:
Aug.9 1.54 70.09
Aug.10 3.27 73.36
Aug.11 6.06 79.36

The 11th was a good solid bump of fish...let's hope that continues.


Diane said...

Just out of curiosity what is the travel time from Tyee to the Kispiox, Bulkley, babine systems - any idea?

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

Hi Diane,
On page 60 of the ISRP Report a graph shows the timing of various species in the Bulkley system...and it assumes a 17 day migration time from Tyee to Moricetown Canyon on the Bulkley.
I'd have to check further for other systems.

Steve Otto said...

Nice to see the numbers bump up!

deanbc said...

Ok so it seems to take 17 days from Tyee to Moricetown. Any idea how long to the Kispiox and Babine?

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

I cant find any exact figures for that right now. but would presume at the average 8-10km per day a stld headed to kispiox or babine would take a bit longer than a bulkley fish. so possibly around 20days to kispiox and 25 days to reach the lower end of the Babine.