Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Membership Drive continues

New Membership Drive
Our Membership Drive continues....Many thanks to those who recently signed up and donated. Please consider joining our group as we are in the forefront of lobbying for steelhead and the sportfishery in Skeena.
It is an exciting time to be involved in fisheries and steelhead politics in northwest British Columbia. Fisheries managers have promised major changes to how the fishery is prosecuted in the coming year and the NCSA wants to be there strong and well armed to keep them to their word. You can help us do this by joining or donating to our Alliance and today we are embarking upon a new membership and donation drive!
To this end we have joined forces with flyfishing photographer David Lambroughton to bring you this exciting offer:
For the next 50 people who join NCSA with a donation of $100 or more, we will send along the beautiful 2009 Flyfishing Dreams Calendar by David Lambroughton.
This means for your $100 you will receive a yearly membership to NCSA; receive our e-newsletter; and receive the glossy, high quality 2009 Flyfishing Dreams Calendar; and support grass roots proven effective lobbying efforts that protect Skeena steelhead and salmon.
Many thanks to photographer David Lambroughton for supporting the cause and for generously allowing NCSA to provide this offer to its members.
Membership renewals and regular Associate Membership is free with any donation over $20.00 to the NCSA.
For ease of joining and/or donating please use the link below to our Donations/Membership page of the NCSA website. http://www.ncsteelheadalliance.ca/donations-membership/

Many thanks to all our supporters!

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